11 Baby Gender Predictors with a Free Printable Download

11 Baby Gender Predictors with a Free Printable Download

Last year (2015), I was making a video on “Baby Gender Predictors”, BOY or GIRL? I 11 Baby Gender Predictors with a Free Printable Download and it became my most popular, most viewed video on my channel. So I decided to make an updated version of the Free Printable Sheet that looked a little bit more clean and had space so you will be able to put your results in it too.

I recommend that you do these 11 tests because it will give you an exciting feeling, a little kick of a joyful moment before you find out about your little one’s gender and get real big joyful tears.

You can grab your free printable sheet here or click on the picture below. 



Hopefully, I will be using this new sheet very soon for my number 2! 😀

Don’t take it so serious, just do it for fun, like I said in my video, you will love your baby no matter what gender they are!

Have fun, loves!

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A week a go before I found out my baby’s gender, I did some experiments to find out that my baby is a BOY or GIRL? I’ve picked 11 diferrent old wives’ tales predictor tests.

Here are all of them and all my results;

1. The Ring Test

Tie your wedding ring to a string and dangle it over your belly, if it swings back and fort it’s a boy. If it swings in a circle, it’s a girl. 

Result: Girl


2. Heart Rate

If baby’s heart rate is consistently under 140 beats per minute,  you’re having a boy. If it’s typically over 140 you’re having a girl. 

Result: Girl


3. Morning Sickness

If you’ve had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, it’s a boy. If you are/were constantly sick or nauseous, it’s a girl.

Result: Girl


4. Acne

If you’re having a girl, she steals your beauty and you end up with pregnancy acne. Skin still nice and smooth?It’s a boy.

Result: Girl


5. Chinese Calendar

Using the mom’s lunar age at pregnancy and the lunar month in which you conceived to find an 

interesting point on a chart. 

Result: Boy


6. Dad’s Wieght Gain

If the baby’s dad gains sympathy weight during the pregnancy, it’s a girl. If his weight remains

the same, it’s a boy.

Result: Boy


7. Baking Soda Test

Mix baking soda with your urine, If it fizzles like a carbonated soft drink , it’s a boy. 

If there’s no fizzle, it’s a girl.

Result: Boy


8. Clumsiness

If you’re more clumsy when pregnant, then you’re having a boy. If nothing changes, you’re having a girl.

Result: Girl


9. Red Cabbage Test

Boil the cabbage, strain and keep the water. Add equal parts of cabbage indicator water and urine. If the water turns pink or red, it’s boy. Purple or blue, it’s girl.

Result: Girl


10. Craving

If you’re craving sweets, it’s a girl. If you can’t get enough salty and sour foods, it’s a boy.

Result: Girl


11. Belly Test

If you carry in the front, it’s a boy, if you expand  horizontally, it’s a girl.

Result: Boy


Total points: Boy got 4 ponits and Girl got 7 points.

Here is my results chart:

It looks like I may have a baby GIRL!!

What do you think?

Please wait to find out soon!!  


Here is the conclusion chart, you can download it for free and write your own results!

You can use this chart for your gender reveal party or for decoration, this is up to you!

Thank you agian for visiting my Mollerful Blog, I hope to see you again next time!

Also if you want to watch all my other videos, here is the link to my YouTube channel:


The 11 Baby Gender Predictors video is right here.

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Grab your free printable sheet here

Fitness Progress Tracking Sheet-Free download

Fitness Progress Tracking Sheet-Free download

To be able to see how your progress goes after your fitness challenge ends, you should keep track by measuring your body and taking before pictures! Don’t be afraid to do this step because you will be disappointed later. I recommend you do it one day before the challenge so you don’t have to worry about it on the day of. Then do it again the day before the starting of the next week, repeat until the end of your challenge. If you don’t like doing it every week and afraid your results will let you down, every other weeks is ok too.   

I have the tracking sheet for you to download so you can have everything organized in one page.

How to measure?

Use this illustrator below to guide you through the measuring session.


Here’s my week 1 – 4 progress example from the last challenge I joined

Download your Free
Fitness Progress Tracking Sheet Here

Here’s my Before – After pictures after completed TIU Bikini Series Challenge 2016 First Round 


Don’t forget to take yours so you can have some proof that shows “you can do it!” too! 

I hope this help! Take lots of pictures so you can pick the best one you like!

Don’t forget to share your Before Picture with us by tagging me on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter @thevibescloset with the hashtag #allaboutgoodvibeschallenge

Have a wonderful day!


30 Days Muffin Top Challenge Free Printable Download @Allaboutgoodvibes

30 Days Muffin Top Challenge Free Printable Download @Allaboutgoodvibes

Only a few more days to go until the end of this month, I hope everyone had an excellent month so far. How’s your squat challenge doing? I have to admit that I kept quitting and starting over countless time, so if you’re in the same boat like me, just give yourself a break, believe in yourself then start the challenge at the day you were left off. For those who are on track to complete the challenge, congratulations, you’re rocking it girlfriend! I’m so proud of you. You definitely should do something to celebrate your success, like go shopping for a new workout clothes!

Everybody keep up the good work and come join me on the next months challenge! This August we are going to pay more attention to the obliques and ab muscles. But before we talk about the challenge, I have two questions to ask you.

Do you love cupcakes or muffins?

Yes, those two are my favorite.

What about the muffin top, do you still love it?

Nope. I don’t. 

Now let’s get right into our business.

What’s a muffin top? 

I’m not talking about the toppings that you put on top of the muffins or cupcakes. I’m talking about a roll of excess fat that hangs out over your waist when wearing tight jeans or pants. Just a reminder: The challenge will be from August 1st – 30th, 2016. You can download your Challenge Tracking Progress Sheet here, if you haven’t had a chance to grab one.

Let me know about your progress by tagging me on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter @thevibescloset with the hashtag #allaboutgoodvibes_challenge


*Challenge Tips:

– Drink plenty of water


– Eat lean, green and clean

– Do this challenge on top of your daily workout routine for the best results

Sign up and become the all about good vibes member to access my free online library and you get a lifetime access, my love.  Here are the exercises you have to do, download the free printable version here.

…and here’s the 30 Days Muffin Top Challenge Plan,

get your free printable download here.


Wishing you all have an awesome August! Let’s crush it girlfriends!

You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.” – Jerry West 


Start Your Morning Fresh | Metabolism Booster Juice

Start Your Morning Fresh | Metabolism Booster Juice

Sometimes making something that the whole family can enjoy gives you an amazing feeling. No daddy menu, mommy menu and baby menu because everyone is loving and enjoying the same exact food. Saves sometime for me to write more blogs! 

Today’s menu is making me smile really big because it is easy, simple, delicious, provides plenty of nutrients and of course everyone can enjoy it together. All you need is two ingredients strawberries and key limes. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each ingredient first. 

Strawberries are high in vitamin C, calcium, potassium, folic acid and fiber. Strawberries has high antioxidants anthocyanins, which help you produce an adiponectin hormone, fat- burning hormone, in your body.  Strawberries also help to prevent the body from turning starch into sugar too. Research has shown the links between consuming vitamin C during stress can help reduce blood pressure back to normal level, and can also help to prevent the development of hypertension — especially in children. 

If you consider trying this menu, try choosing organic strawberries over the normal ones, if not you probably have a high chance of consume pesticides. 

Key limes provide an excellent source of Vitamin C and potassium, are cholesterol free, fat free, sodium free and low in calories. Key limes are also beneficial for weight loss and help boost your metabolism too.

Now let’s talk about how to make it.

We already knew what ingredients we need, lets see about the equipment. You do not need a juicer but you do need a blender, and a knife. 

Follow my directions below;

First, wash your strawberries and key limes, then cut the strawberry leaves off and throw them away, next step simply put all your strawberries into the blender. Then cut your key limes in half and squeeze them into the blender. Start blending until it turns smooth. Voila! It’s time to enjoy! 

If you want to speed up your metabolism even more, adding a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne pepper will do the work. My husband and I love drinking it first thing in the morning and we make this menu as a snack for our little angel.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde


Flirty Outfit Ideas | Brunch Date |  The Front Row Shop

Flirty Outfit Ideas | Brunch Date | The Front Row Shop

Questioning yourself again and again “what should I wear for my date tomorrow?” Complaining “I don’t have any clothes!” Not just you girlfriends, me too! This is a typical pretty girl problems!

I remember when I went on a first date with my boyfriend, who’s now my lovely husband, I tried on many outfits the night before. I mean, at least 5 outfits and still I couldn’t find the right one. The reason for that is because you want to look beautiful, even though your date always says you’re so beautiful but you know what, I just want to be a little bit more gorgeous than usual. Is that ok? 

Today, I’m going to share with you from my dating experience “The basic rules for picking the right dating outfit every girl should know.”

1. Something comfy

You never know how long your date will last for, so wearing something comfortable is a must. If you go for a dinner then a movie afterwards, you don’t want to be stuck in that outfit for hours and hours. Not only dose it make you uncomfortable, it will ruin your personality too. Instead of focusing on your cutie, you have to worry about your outfit and how it will feel throughout the date.

2. Remember fit and flatter

Just because you see one of your friends wearing a tiny little black dress and look so amazing, doesn’t mean you have to go get the same dress and wear it for your first date (or any dates). You want to put on something that will fit you perfectly and also flatter your body too. Be true to yourself, if you don’t look 110% good in it then forget about it. Try the next one! A little tip here, choose the dress that is similar to the one you were wearing before and everyone said WOWs!

3. Choosing the right colors

Depending on where you are going and what time of the day, picking the right color can draw a lot more attention to you. It can represent who you are, and how you really feel. Remember that saying “first impression”, people can sense your emotions from the colors of your cloth too.

Wearing bright normally means you are a happy and a playful person. Darker colors mean you are strong, outgoing, and of course very sexy too but sometimes it can mean that you are sad. So be careful about what color you are choosing. For me I always go for bright colors for daytime and dark colors for night. 

4. Get ready for the weather  

The best thing to do is to check the weather ahead of time but who’s going to do that, not me! I am pretty sure at least you know what season you are in, just dress for the weather, ladies. You don’t want your date to take off his jacket to help cover you up because you’re too cold. Yes, you are cold because you are wearing your pretty satin dress and forget to bring your jacket along with you.

You don’t want to feel bad for your freezing cold cutie either, so pick the right outfit gorgeous, so you both can enjoy each other on your special day.

5. Pay attention to undergarments  

Unless you don’t wear one, so you don’t need to worry about it!  Right color, right style, and right fabric will add one layer of comfy and another layer of beauty on you.

If you’re planning on wearing a white dress, wear it with white or skin color undies. You don’t want your secret lover to steal your scene or to say hello before you say it. Not only is it inappropriate, it shows your sense of style too. Dress classy, stay classy and have a wonderful time, lovebirds. 

I think I got you covered for these pretty girl problems. Let me know what your rules are on picking the right dating outfits. I bet you have a ton.


One kind word can change someone’s day.” – Anonymous 



Outfit details:


FRS Red Plaid Tank Mini Zip Dress

FRS White Embroider Lace Mini Dress

FRS Lightning Bolt Print Exposed Midriff Dress

FRS Pink Striped Mini Dress

FRS Mid Wash Asymmetric Denim Dress

 Black Dress with Shoulder cut-out

Dress in geometrical floral print with peplum hem

Jacquard dress with contrast detail

 A-line organza dress in geometrical

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