“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 30: Burberry Horseferry Check Henley Wallet On A Chain

“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 30: Burberry Horseferry Check Henley Wallet On A Chain

Hello there my loves!

The last day of my Early Christmas Shopping Series is finally here, and I’m so proud of myself. Blogging for thirty days in a row isn’t easy, I can tell you that. But it isn’t as hard as what a lot of people are imagining. I have gained a lot of experience In these past 30 days. I’ll definitely write a few blogs about what happened during these fun blogging days, what did I learn from it and some other stuff I find you might benefit from.

I have good news and bad news today. Which one do you want to hear first? Let’s start with the bad news so we can enjoy the rest of the content smoothly today.

The bad news is I’m sick! Well, the weather is changing and I really couldn’t get a good nights sleep every night this month. Lol! I’m thinking about blogging all day all night long. I’m also still breastfeeding my baby and working on other things besides blogging. There has been a lot of work load this month. I’ll try my best to recover as soon as I can. So I can do a lot of great things for all of you. That’s my bad news! Not too bad right?

Now let’s see whats the good news?

Start with good news numbers one, it’s some good news for me and it is part of today’s content. I got an early Christmas present from my husband. It’s a Burberry Horseferry Check Henley wallet on a chain, I’ve been wanting one for many months now. Lucky me I finally have one and I love it so much! You will see me wearing this in a lot on my blogs from now on. 

This present is kind of on the expensive side. You can get it and give it to yourself as a big thank you for being you and being awesome. You could ask your special someone to get it for you. Give them a hint with this blog post! How about that? This fashion item will go good with any outfit and occasion too because its all neutral colors. You can use it as a normal wallet or use it as a small crossbody. It works for both day and night. It has a zip coin pocket and 12 card slots. This gift is definitely for someone who’s very special for you. 

If you decide to get it online you can pre- order from Nordstrom or get it from their official website

That’s my short last present idea for you my love. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for supporting what I’m doing. You are the energy that makes me able to drive and share my stories with all you amazing people. I promise I will do my best to create more beneficial posts for all of you. 

Before we say good bye today, I have some more good news to tell you.  Tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of this month’s giveaway on my Instagram and my Facebook page. You may be the lucky winner. Please stay tuned for that. 

I really hope you’re getting tons of ideas from my blog posts in these past 30 days. Thank you again my loves! Happy holiday season and see you next month!

Details: Burberry Wallet on a chain Dress Sandals

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Unknown


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“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 29: Black leather shoulder bag with tassels x The Leather Expert #ad

“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 29: Black leather shoulder bag with tassels x The Leather Expert #ad

Photo credit: The Leather Expert

It’s almost the end of my series and I wanted to add a little bit of my story into this post. Some of you are my fans and some of you are my new amazing readers. So I want to make this post to be a little bit more special and for you to learn a little bit more about me.

I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand where fashion shopping is like going to McDonald’s drive through here in the US, it’s everywhere, easy to find and access. If you didn’t know, we have a lot of open markets that sell lots of clothes, handbags, earrings, shoes and many more fashion items. It’s where my love for fashion had started. 

I was always passionate about fashion and design. At one point in my life, I was designing and making bags and wallets to sell online. 

When I was making bags I had put my heart in it and spent so much time creating them. I bought my own industrial sewing machine, and learnt how to use it by myself. I had to draw the design, make the pattern, cut fabrics, sew, decorate and then try to sell them online. It was a successful selling experience but it was too much work for me at that time. I was still in college and had to leave the house to go to class as early as six in the morning, just to beat Bangkok traffic. Came home around six, seven o’clock at night and had to work on making bags until one in the morning. Sometimes I was crying when I was making them. The amount of money I got wasn’t really worth my time and energy, so I decided to stop.

I’m still thinking of having my own bag collection one day though but for now let’s talk about an inspiring store that creates leather bags and accessories here in the USA.

Because I know exactly how hard and time consuming one bag can be made I respect the people who put their hearts and time in making these bags. That’s why today I want to introduce you to The Leather Expert, leather bags and accessories shop based in San Francisco, California, USA. Every bag is carefully cut and made by hand in their art studio. 

If you are loving retro-classic and minimal- modern style, this store will be perfect for you. They use premium full grain vegetable tanned leather to make their bags and accessories, which is the leather that is tanned using non-toxic organic barks and leaves over a period of 30 to 40 days (unlike fast-made low-cost chrome tanned leathers that are harmful to health and environment).

Their bags have a natural organic look and sweet earthy smell of vegetable tanned leather which develops a gorgeous patina with time preserving the story of its owner and making each piece truly unique. 

Here you can find from small accessories like key holders and wallets up to large travel bags and laptop briefcases. But today’s product I’m showing you is a black leather bag with tassels. 

I love how fun but yet modern this bag looks. The tassels are really jazzed up and make this bag so cute and classy. White rose, brown and black are the available colors. This bag will go amazing with any style of clothes you put on and it’s perfect for all seasons too. You will love everything about it and never regret purchasing this bag.

Here are the features: 

– Handmade item

– Materials: Gold tone hardware, Suede fabric lining, Vegetable tanned leather 

– Flap with magnetic lock and 2 charms

– Adjustable shoulder strap

– Inside: 1 zipped pocket, 2 slip-in pockets, 1 open front pocket under the flap

– Dimensions: 12.25” Width, 8” Height, 4.25” Depth

 Detail: Black leather shoulder bag with tassels


The best part is you can ask the store to add a personal touch to your product with a monogram. Not only that, you can save up 10% by using this code “GOODVIBES”. 

You can visit The Leather Expert  to learn more about their store and see more designs here

I hope you find this post helpful that you can add one more item into your Christmas Shopping lists. I recommend getting this bag for yourself or give it to someone who cares for a good quality leather product with timeless design. 

See you again tomorrow my loves! 

Enjoy the rest of your day!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci



“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 28: Marc Jacobs Beauty Object Of Desire Face and Eye Palette

“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 28: Marc Jacobs Beauty Object Of Desire Face and Eye Palette


Photo credits: Marc Jacobs Beauty

Today’s gift idea is for someone who loves to put makeup on and loves beauty products. If you or your friends love to look gorgeous at all times, this gift will be perfect for you. This palette will be perfect for someone who loves to travel too because it has everything in it. It’s one of the Marc Jacobs beauty holiday collections and it’s a limited edition, that means if you miss it you won’t be able to find it anywhere. It’s an exclusive palette for the face and eyes with a blush, bronzer, a limited-edition luminizer, and six sumptuous eye shadows. The packaging is super beautiful and glamorous, you can also use it as an evening clutch. I’m putting this palette in my Christmas shopping list because I can’t get over how beautiful, the value and the quality you will get from this product is. So I’m putting it on my list and will get it soon.

This palette contains: 

– 0.02 oz/ 0.56 g O! Mega Bronzer in Tantric 

– 0.02 oz/ 0.56 g Blush in Exhibitionist (peachy rose) 

– 0.02 oz/ 0.56 g Luminizer in Make a Sheen (cool gold shimmer) 

– 6 x 0.04 oz/ 1.13 g Eye shadow in Lights On (beige shimmer), Candlelight (golden shimmer), Dimmer (matte light tan), Violet Hour (matte lavender), Twilight (deep plum shimmer), In the Dark (deep brown shimmer) 

– Vegan patent leather case 

If you’re planning to get it for yourself I recommend you go to Sephora or Marc Jacobs’ counter to try the colors and the texture of the palette on by yourself first, just to see the colors on your skin complexion. If you want to get it for your friends and/ or family members, I recommend doing the same thing so you will know for sure they love the product too. No one will waste their time and money buying- returning it.

I hope you’re getting one more new idea from my blog today. I hope you come back tomorrow to see what I’ve gotten to share with you.

Have a great day and an amazing night!

See you tomorrow my loves!

“The best thing is to look natural and it takes makeup to look natural.””When in doubt, wear red.” – Calvin Klein



“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 27: Hand Earrings

“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 27: Hand Earrings

Photo credits: bando.com 

What perfect than statement accessories on a lazy day. Putting your favorite t-shirt and a pair of jeans on and add a little bit of fun by putting personality full accessories like these pairs of earrings I’m going to talk about. It’s just so perfect. 

 I found these pairs of earrings on bando.com but they’re already sold out today.

I’m still waiting for my pair to arrive. But don’t worry I found the store on Easy,

Benu Made, where the earrings were originally designed and created by, Pauline Hagan in Prague.

Benu Made is a creative jewellery brand combining shiny metallics, bold shapes and beautiful leather textures. They have a lot of beautiful designs you can choose from. You can visit their website here www.BenuMade.com

These playful hand earrings are made with high-quality leather and it comes in two sizes (6cm or 4.2cm high). I got the big one for me and I will feature them on my blog when I get them. 

As you know everyone loves to feel special. I love my accessories to feel special too which mean I love custom made products. Here at Benu Made, you can custom make your pieces. Just reach out to the store and let them know what you have in mind. They can make it happen just for you. How wonderful is that?

If you know of someone who loves fun accessories, these eye-catching conversation piece earrings will be the right gift for them. 

I hope I am giving you some new Christmas gifts ideas to put on your shopping list.

I’ll be back tomorrow for the next one.

Have a good night my loves!

“”When in doubt, wear red.” – Bill Blass


“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 26: Zac Zac Posen Mini Eartha Crossbody

“Early Christmas Shopping | 30 days 30 presents” | Day 26: Zac Zac Posen Mini Eartha Crossbody

Hello there lovelies!

When it comes to cute bags I am so bad with saying NO. It gets even worse when the bags are on sale. Like the bag I’m going to talk about today. It’s a Zac Zac Posen Mini Eartha crossbody. This exact bag is on sale right now for $79.99 with the code “SAVEBIG” on Saksoff5th.com

I can’t believe this sale is happening right now. I don’t think it will last for long. If you don’t want to miss it, make sure you visit Saks off 5th, take a quick peek, put it in your cart and buy it before it’s gone for good. This promotion is driving me crazy right now. It makes me want to get 3 more bags in different colors. Lol!

I recommend you give this bag to your fashionista friends. Someone who loves structured types of bags. Someone who loves to have a statement piece in their closet. Someone who loves something cute. If you’re on budget trying to shop for some luxury bags, this is one of the items you can get your hands on and enjoy the discounted price.

Details: Similar Vest| Similar Dress | Nike Sneakers
Zac Zac Posen Mini Eartha crossbody

We have a few more days to go until the end of our series. I hope you’ve gotten tons  of ideas already but please make sure to come back tomorrow for the new idea I have to share with you. See you tomorrow my loves!

Enjoy your day! 

“Style is something that each of us already has. All we need to do is find it.” – Diane Von Furstenberg 


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