New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion x @thepickyprincess

New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion x @thepickyprincess

This All About Good Vibes Post was written by Tiffany Kwong from

I truly believe that every girl should get dressed up for a New Year’s Eve Party. My friend and I believe that if you’re ever going to have a reason to wear a 100% gold sequined skirt, it’s at a New Year’s Eve Party. 

I’m from Toronto and it tends to be snowing around New Year’s Eve so most girls probably wouldn’t wear a short skirt and a lace crop top, but if you love something it’s worth a little bit of pain. Just because a Princess is in a skirt and a lace crop top, doesn’t mean she isn’t tough.

This is literally my favorite crop top. It has a subtle layer of pink under the white that looks great against everyone’s skin tone. Of course I never leave the house without swiping on some lipstick. For a New Year’s Eve Party, a shiny and glossy red is the perfect choice to make my lips pop. 

One of my favourite buys recently is my blazer cape. I picked up this gorgeous piece at the Toronto’s woman show from a store called TOFARA that promotes high-end modern African dresses and African jewelry. It makes me feel luxurious and a bit like modern Royalty.

I finished my outfit with a sparkly clutch. This bag had removable straps which I thought would be perfect for the look. Since I was already wearing a cape, I felt straps would be distracting from it.

I wanted to include more glitter I painted my nails a metallic color, and painted my ring fingers with a glitter polish.

I wore a pair of Mary Janes high heels, but feel free to rock a pair of glittery heels if it pleases you.

Get My Look:

1. KWESH Black Cape 2. Sleeveless Lace Crop Top

3. Gold Sequin Mini Skirt 4. Black Glitter Adjustable Clutch 5. Black Mary Jane Heels

6. Gold Polish 7.Gold Sequin polish


Hello, I am The Picky Princess; a blogger based out of Toronto, Canada.

I recently graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough where I studied a Major in Media Studies and a Double Minor in Economics and English. I would never trade my university experience for anything. Two months after finishing my last semester, I started studying at The Toronto Film School in Marketing for Fashion & Entertainment. I take the things that I learn from my life experiences like travelling, my university experience and the things that I learn in class to help pick out good products, and styles.

Papa Kwong actually picked the name of the blog. Why The Picky Princess? I am one of the pickiest people around! I know what I like and, it is extremely hard to change my mind once I have had it set. I hope that you not only find humor, but some great advice and stories selected by yours truly.

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New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion x @beingfabyoulous

New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion x @beingfabyoulous

This All About Good Vibes Post was written by Katrina from

“Only for One Night: New Year’s Eve Party Outfit”

Did you ever want to feel like a celebrity? Or maybe you want to channel your inner Kardashian? Well this dress can make you feel like a million bucks even though it’s less than $50! 

This New Year’s Eve I’d say resolve to stay away from the usual LBD (little black dress, that is) and go with a pop of color! This mauve dress with a knot placed as a center point focus accentuates your top half and hides your mid section that creates a seamless silhouette. And it doesn’t hurt that it shimmers either!

I paired this gorgeous maxi with cheetah print heels, and I’ll let you know, if you don’t already know, spiked stilettos may not be the best party shoe but they make for a great photo opportunity! So, if you opt for a more comfortable heel, by all means, DO! Unfortunately, the shoes I am wearing are no longer available because I purchased these a year ago, but I have similar shoes linked below!

Happy New Year!!

Be Blessed and Be FabYOUlous!



About Author


Hey y’all! I’m Katrina, content creator from the fashion blog, Being Fabyoulous, which encourages women with curves to be and love their authentic selves! I’m a tech savvy twenty-two-year-old from Louisiana but now I reside in Dallas, Texas!

Feel free to catch all of my latest posts and style tips on

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New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion @TheVibesCloset

New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion @TheVibesCloset

Hello there my loves! 

It’s been one week already since this holiday blogging series started. I hope you got quite a bit of ideas on what you can wear for Christmas parties. The big exciting celebration after Christmas has to be the New Year’s Eve Party. It’s my most favorite day of the year! There are a lot of exciting things you look forward to after this day! It’s the end and it’s also the new beginning.

To help you get ready for your special NYE party, starting from today, we will talk about outfit ideas and a makeup look, so that you can prepare yourself ahead of time, no more stress during this fun season. It’s all about you from now on. 

I always remembered the night of New Year’s Eve, the times that my cousins and I went to celebrate our New Year’s Eve together! Cool weather in Bangkok at that time with thousands of people around us! Music playing, everyone starting to count down from ten to one and singing the New Year song! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The feeling of joy for all the new beginnings was rushing to everyone’s heart and soul. We’re all happy and once again hoping for the best to come with this New Year. My cousins are like my sisters, my best friends, and they inspired today’s outfit.

If you’re looking to go out to celebrate your NYE with your BFFs, this look will be perfect for you. It is another one of my comfortable and wearable outfits in everyday life look. The champagne nude hue of the Cami overlay top and sweet satin fabric add a touch of New Year celebration to this outfit. I’m wearing it with a pair of ripped skinny jeans to give a comfortable and relaxing feel, even though you can’t be relaxing at all during such an exciting time. At least your cloth you’re wearing can push your worries away.  This celebration is all about fun; we have to leave something that is more formal behind for one night. For the shoes, I picked these beautiful nude velvet boots to complete this look.

If you’re in a colder climate, you can wear a long sleeve turtleneck bodysuit or sweater underneath the cami, this will help keep you warm. Make sure to bring along your favorite long coat with you too. 

Details: Choker (similar) | Earrings (similar) | Cami Top | Frayed Hem Skinny Jeans |
Velvet Ankle Boots 
| Bucket Bag (similar)

I have a SURPRISE for you! Get $20 off when you place your first order over $80, click the picture below or here..

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more New Year’s Eve outfit ideas.
See you again soon! Have a happy weekend my loves!

“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” –  Coco Chanel


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Christmas Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion x @WearFaithEssence

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion x @WearFaithEssence

This All About Good Vibes Post was written by Eripitan from

Happy Holidays! This is my favorite time of the year, because I believe that everyone’s sense of style comes out to play. I’ve included 4 outfit inspirations that I think are cute, fun, comfy but most importantly, holiday worthy. Here’s a little snippet about each one:​

Casual Christmas Party Outfit

Casual Christmas Party Outfit- I love this outfit because it can also be worn as a dressier option. The wide neckline of the sweater gives you a chance to spice up your neck with accessories and the twisted pattern of the top, definitely cinches in your waistline; if that’s something you would like to go for. ​

Casual Christmas Party Outfit with Hat

Casual Christmas Party Outfit with Hat- A poncho adds an extra layer of warmth and an easier way to mask all the extra
food you may eat 😉 I also love the hat because you can be having a bad hair day and it hides it or accentuates whatever hairstyle you have.​

Fancy/Dressy Christmas Party Outfit

 Fancy/Dressy Christmas Party Outfit- This would honestly be my go to outfit for layering. I absolutely adore trench coats and turtlenecks, during this season. Keeps you warm, keeps you stylish and on top of that, you can accessorize like crazy and never take away from the outfit!​

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Outfit 

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Outfit- Okay… who doesn’t love Ugly Christmas Sweater parties?! They are my favorite, but sometimes it’s hard to be ugly, when you’re just so darn cute! Why not bring out your creative side and be cute instead? Which is why, I chose a cute sweater and then added some festive accessories and bold boots to tie it all together. Why follow trends when you can make your own? Goodbye Ugly Sweater and Hello Cute and Cozy! ​

Hi lovely people! My name is Eripitan (pronounced Air-Repeat-Ten) and I am a Fashion, Faith/Motivation and Advice Blogger for College Students/Young Adults on For my Fashion section, I try to emphasize an affordable route; most outfits costing $100 or less and occasionally, $50 or less! In my Faith section, I discuss topics that many Christian Men and Women struggle with, while giving honest and unbiased words of wisdom. I live to inspire many and pray that my words help shape individuals of all backgrounds. Lastly, the Advice column is as simple as it sounds, readers are able to submit questions (can be anonymous) and I’ll reply to them. I love what I do and I am blessed to be doing what I love, join me on my journey and let’s shine our light together! 

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Christmas Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion x @thechrissycollective

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas | Holiday Fashion x @thechrissycollective

This All About Good Vibes Post was written by Chrissy Baclagan from

Hello everyone! This is Chrissy from The Chrissy Collective, and I’m here to share with you my go-to outfit for the upcoming holiday festivities despite living in San Diego where the weather has a tendency to stay on the warmer side of things. However, this makes it a little bit easier when choosing my OOTD as my summer favorites are able to transition effectively.

I chose this thrifted, black jumpsuit and paired it with yet another thrifted favorite: the black and white coat. Accented with silver buttons, it oozes of vintage Chanel (although it really isn’t). Despite having false pockets, I added the coat because yes, it does get cold over here. Also, having the top part of your body exposed to the elements isn’t really appropriate for the chilly weather. Lastly, I added some strappy heels, a gold chain bracelet, and this Guess bag to complete my look.

When styling this outfit, I chose to stick with my regular, go-to color palettes, in this case, black and white, instead of going with the traditional greens and reds. One might say that wearing mostly black isn’t a good choice during this time of year, but I’m not one to sacrifice my tastes in clothes just so I can be trendy and the coat provides a harmony that makes this OOTD suitable for Christmas parties.

About Author


Chrissy Baclagan is the owner and founder of The Chrissy Collective, a style and lifestyle blog. Started in early 2016, she and the blog have won an award as well as founded Project Muse, a collaborative project that aims to show the diversity amongst the fashion bloggers of today.


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