Fall Outfit Over-The-Knee Boots

Fall Outfit Over-The-Knee Boots

Fall Outfit Over the Knee Boots OTKFall Outfit Over the Knee Boots OTK

Fall Outfit Over the Knee Boots OTK

Fall Outfit Over the Knee Boots Fall Outfit Over the Knee Boots Fall Outfit Over the Knee Boots

Fall Outfit Over the Knee Boots Fall Outfit Over the Knee Boots Fall Outfit Over the Knee Boots

Wearing: RomWe Top | RomWe Skirt | Calvin Klein Over-The-Knee Boots (similar here and here) |
Kendall & Kylie Bag | Gucci Belt | Sugarfix Earrings


It’s going to be the over-the-knee boots season again and I’m excited. Even though I can only wear them for a few months (at the most) of the year here in Arizona, I still love to incorporate them into my outfit early. As soon as the weather gets cooler it’s a perfect time to bring them out and try them on.

In today’s post I’ve linked some black over-the-knee boots under $150 for you to take a look at. It’s definitely a good investment when it come to buying a good pair of these type of boots. I got mine a year ago and they still look like new. They aren’t cheap but the ones that range between $100 -$150 in my opinion are very reasonably priced.

My tips on how to pick the pair that will last and never go out of style are to pick the darker colors, like black and brown, and to pick the right material, leather. Although if you are not a leather person, I recommend picking a pair thats made from fabric without any other material coated over them. I found that the faux suede or faux leather will peel off over time. But if you don’t mind that, they are still worth buying because of the cheaper price point. This way you can get a new pair or two every year.

I’m wearing RomWe Top and Skirt I received from Romwe. I picked the wrong size (size small for top and size medium for skirt) this time so they look pretty tight on me. If you’re plaining to get them, I recommend you to order one size up and you should feel comfortable in them. Side note, I have gained a few pound from eating too much rice and too many nut butters throughout the day that didn’t help! Lol!

Anyways, scroll down at the end of this post to see the list of black over-the-knee boots under $150. 🙂

Minimal Closet Over the knee boots


Over-the-knee boots under $150



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How To Wear Knit Sweaters Five Ways

How To Wear Knit Sweaters Five Ways

How to wear a knit sweater five ways

Last weekend I was busy putting on some Fall items in my shopping cart. Lol! 🐵🙊 I saw a lot of pretty knit sweaters from H&M, Topshop, Missguided and many more stores that I love to shop at. Those knit sweaters made me think about writing a blog post about them. Not only can knit sweater keep you warm but they are also a must have Fall item that everyone should carry in their closets. However it’s quite a challenge to try to style it in different ways other than putting over your shirt. That’s why today’s blog post I’m going to show you how to wear knit sweater in five different ways.

After you’re done reading my post, you should have some more style ideas. You should also be able to save some time and energy when planning your Fall outfit with your knit sweater next time.

Actually there are six ways to wear it if you includ the outfit I’m wearing today.

I’m wearing my knit sweater over my multi colored dog pattern dress. To make this outfit a little bit more interesting, I wore a belt over my sweater. This also helps to emphasize my waistline and reduces the puffiness of the knit sweater. I picked the same color bag to match with my belt.  I’m finishing this look with my black ankle booties. Pretty much in conclusion, you can wear your sweater over your dress then put your belt over it.

How to wear a knit sweater five ways

How to wear a knit sweater five ways

How to wear a knit sweater five ways

How to wear a knit sweater five ways How to wear a knit sweater five ways How to wear a knit sweater five ways How to wear a knit sweater five ways How to wear a knit sweater five ways How to wear a knit sweater five ways How to wear a knit sweater five ways

How to wear a knit sweater five ways

Wearing: Zara Dress | Sweater (old, similar here and here) |
Topshop Boots  | Calvin Klein Belt | Lionel Bag


Now let’s take a look at five more ways to wear your knit sweater this Fall.

Firstly, you can wear your knit sweater (preferably a long sweater or a sweater dress) with your over the knee boots. In my opinion, this is a very simple style but it dose give you a stylish and edgy look.

Knit Sweater Five Ways


Secondly, you can wear your knit sweater with a pair of jeans and ankle boots. This look will give you a casual street style with a chic feel.

Knit Sweater Five Ways


Thirdly, you can dress up your knit sweater to look more sweet by wearing it with a skirt and a pair of pumps. This look will give you a softer and sweeter feel than all the other looks.

Knit Sweater Five Ways


The Fourth way is a super chic style. You might have seen this from a lot of models and celebrities. I’ll have to say it’s their go to style. You can wear your sweater over your long sleeved blouse or without a blouse and with a pair of jeans. The blouse will add some contrast to the look. Then to complete the look, just pop a biker jacket over and you’re all set.

Knit Sweater Five Ways




Lastly, the Fifth way to style is to wear it with some Trousers and heels. If you want to look more stylish, I recommend that you pair a colorful crop styled sweater and a high waisted trousers together. They are a very good combination that will compliment your whole look.

Knit Sweater Five Ways


That’s it for today on how to style a knit sweater five, plus one, ways. By now you should have some more ideas on how to plan your Fall closet with this one Fall must have item. No more wasting time and energy figuring out your Fall outfit next time. Below I’m sharing with you some of my wish lists from low to medium price points. I hope you enjoy them.


Knit Sweater Wishlist 

RomWe Knit Sweaters

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12


H & M
Knit Sweater Wishlist 




Knit Sweater Wishlist 




Knit Sweater Wishlist


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Classy White Dresses For All Budgets

Classy White Dresses For All Budgets

Hello there, love!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 🙂

Today I’ve picked some classy white dresses for you to take a look at, just in case you are on a hunt to find one. I made sure that they’re for all budget types so nobody is left out while browsing my selection. If you asked me when would be a perfect day to wear a white dress, I would have to say on your wedding day. I am not much of a white dress kind of person but however having a few white dresses in my closet dose make me feel more secure. Besides wearing a white dress on your wedding day, you definitly need to have at least one white dress in your closet for some special occasions. I have to say that, the list today is not a wedding gown list, but it’s a classy white dress list that won’t go out of style. Something that if you bought today, you would be able to wear it for the next 10, 20 years or even longer. Before we get into the list, I want to talk about this white tweed dress I’m wearing today.

I received this white dress from SheIn and I’m in love with the classy and feminine look of it. Since this little white dress is pretty for Summer, it would also be a perfect dress while we transition into Fall. You can wear it with a tweed jacket, (faux) fur coat, knit sweater, or a blazer; they will all go great with this dress in cooler weather. It’s made with a 100% cotton and the fabric is a little light. It doesn’t have a lining underneath so if you decide to get it for this fall, I recommend getting an underskirt to wear with it. One last thing about this dress is that it’s a true to size fit. I ordered a medium and it came out a little bit too big. I should have gotten my normal size which is a size small. Overall it’s a very classy and pretty dress.

Here are some classy white dresses for all budgets that I’ve picked for you today. I hope you like them.


Unique Vintage Knit Pencil Dress $19.99

SheIn Bow Front Sheer Shoulder Frilled Dress – $19


boohoo Daisy Tailored Dress -$22


SheIn White Mesh Lace Long Dress – $54



Women’s Portrait Neck Gold Jacquard Fit and Flare Dress – $139.99


 LIKELY Carolyn Dress -$188


Black Halo Jeanette Sheath Dress $345

Giselle Dress $275



Black Halo Brooklyn Dress $345


Women’s Dress The Population Isabelle Crepe Mermaid Dress $216



Black Halo 3/4 Sleeve Jackie O Dress $345


ZIMMERMANN Caravan ruffled-hem embroidered cotton dress $244


Badgley Mischka Collection Long Sleeve Dress $295


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Liberation in Bloom Female Empowerment Tee and Free Desktop Wallpapers

Liberation in Bloom Female Empowerment Tee and Free Desktop Wallpapers

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Similar items: 

If you ask me what type of clothes I have the most in my closet, I would have to say Graphic t-shirts. Especially the ones with cool sayings and pretty designs like the one I’m wearing today. I have a thing with them. Every time I see cool looking tees, I have to get them. Besides the design aspect, Graphic tees are so fun and comfortable to wear. It’s a good fashion piece that can help you express yourself. The best part of all, is that you can dress it up or down. You only have to pick the right bottom and accessories to add more uniqueness to your style and to compliment your whole look. I’m pretty much wearing graphic tees everyday since forever. 🙂

In today’s post, I’ve partnered with Amor & Rosas to introduce you to the ‘Liberation in Bloom’ limited edition tee featuring custom artwork by a Mexican artist that represents female empowerment and the liberation of women in poverty. This soft and comfortable top is produced authenticity in Mexico using a unique hand printed technique. Each as unique as the woman behind it.

I love that the brand has brought the Female Empowerment message into their design. It’s no doubt that we women can do anything we put our hearts and minds into. No genders are better than the others. We are as important as everyone else in this world. And girls, we need to support each other, right?

I’m pairing this ‘Liberation in Bloom’ tee with a red denim skirt, and my red boots I got from Zara. Not only is the color red on trend for Fall this year but the message behind this outfit is to bring attention to us women, that we are FIERCE and fabulous.

I have picked some red skirts and red boots for you below.

You can shop this limited edition tee and many more great products at Amor & Rosas website. If you are a graphic tee fan like myself, you’d better get your hands on this Female Empowerment inspired tee quick.

I also have some good news to share with you today. You can Enter to Win Amor & Rosas’ Hand-Painted Rabbit Bomber Jacket! Enter here! 🐰

Some other good news is that I made a few desktop wallpaper just for you who’s reading this post, something to go along with our Female Empowering message and to let you know that we’re here to support each other. You can download my free desktop wallpapers (#GIRLBOSS, You Got This Girl, Girls Bite Back and Girl Girl Girl) on my online library.


I hope you enjoyed my post today!
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Enjoy your week, my love!

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Fall Must Have Bomber Jackets Under $40

Fall Must Have Bomber Jackets Under $40


Hello there!

I can’t believe it’s already the end of Summer and Fall is coming soon. Time goes by so quickly and it’s almost the end of the year again which I am very excited about. Time to stop worrying and start enjoying all the beautiful moments this new season is going to bring you.  Now, you probably see most stores are trying to sell out their summer clothes. Replacing their stores with all new season fashion items, it’s such an exciting moment. The weather is starting to cool down and you may feel like it’s a new beginning again. Whatever goals you haven’t been able to accomplish yet, you can now start working on them in this new season. Today I’m going to share with you the Fall Must Have Item; Bomber Jacket.

Because ‘Fall’ is one of the bomber jacket seasons, what’s better than rounding up some cool bomber jackets under $40 for you to shop today. Since SheIn has a lot of new season clothing in their online store and as you know their products are in an affordable range with good quality, who would say no to shopping here, right?

Below are some of my favourite bomber jackets I’ve picked from SheIn. I gave some reasons why I like each of them for you to consider as well. Hope you find the design you like and you can rock it this Fall.


Color Block Faux Leather Cut And Sew Bomber Jacket- $38

My thought about this item:

What I love about this jacket is that the color combination of this bomber jacket is so pretty and such a perfect color for Fall. It also has the leather effect which will make your outfit stand out without putting a lot of work into your outfit.




Army Green Long Sleeve Zipper Pockets Jacket -$21

My thought about this item:

I like the simple look of this bomber jacket. The army green is always on trend in almost any season. This jacket is not too thick which is perfect for Fall.


Black Rose Embroidered Back Silky Bomber Jacket – $16

My thought about this item:

This embroidery jacket is likely to be popular again this Fall. This jacket can go perfectly with any outfit. I love the fun message on the back. It’s a perfect jacket for a girls night out.


Embroidered Badge Patches Zip Sleeve Bomber Jacket -$22

My thought about this item:

The patches and zip sleeves give this jacket a cool design. This jacket will be perfect for any fun Fall days.


Contrast Panel Zip Up Bomber Jacket -$33

My thought about this item:

This jacket is one of my favorites as well,  I love it because of the monochrome color and the chic design. If you’re thinking about wearing an effortless look, just putting this jacket on will make your look complete.


A Patch Sequin Sleeve Stripe Trim Baseball Jacket – $32

My thought about this item:

This is one of my favourite styles. I love the length of this bomber jacket. I also love the monochrome look. You can wear it with a dress and sneakers or a black and white outfit for any casual days.


Striped Trim Fluffy Panel Bomber Jacket -$36

My thought about this item:

I love the soft and fluffy feels of this jacket. It looks so comfortable to wear. I probably would wear this jacket with a pair of jeans, ankle boots and a white or black tee.


Burgundy Contrast Raglan Sleeve Velvet Bomber Jacket -$30

My thought about this item:

This velvet bomber jacket is giving me a glamourous feel. I love the long length. I would bring this jacket with me for a date night.


Varsity Striped Velvet Bomber Jacket -$30

My thought about this item:

Simple but yet sophisticated is how I describe this jacket. It’s simple to enough to wear with jeans. It’s sophisticated enough to wear it with your nice little black dress.

Alright, those are all of my picks. If you’re looking to buy nice quality clothes with reasonable prices, make sure to check out SheIn.com because you might find something that you like.

Thank you for stopping by All ABout Good Vibes today. See you again soon, love!


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