More About Molly LarsenWell well, you have to be so curious about me to visit this page. I’m glad you decided to click to learn more about who I am. I’m ready baby! Let’s get to know more about me! 

I’m Molly Larsen (Sukritta is my real name). I’m Thai, born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m a wife of a sweet and super amazing husband, mother of one beautiful daughter and counting and a mother of three little doggie angles, sometimes monsters! (Movie, Ticket & Cinema).


What degrees do I have?

I have a bachelors degree with First class honor in Home Economics Education. FYI, I learnt how to teach in fashion, food, family, design and economic.
I have a masters degree in Hotel and Tourism Management. 


Am I working?

Yes, I am. I am a full time mom, a full time blogger and an entrepreneur. I am luanching my business in 2017 or maybe sooner!


What are my hobbies?

Despite from watching movies, dressing up, shopping for cloths, shoes and bags, I found myself always working on graphic design. I used to make a lot of money as an eduacational media designer designing educational tools and programes for teachers as my second part time job when I was in college, my first one was modeling/ MC. Still now, I’m designing logos, brochures and many more degital works for businesses. One more thing I enjoy doing the most is decorating my home!   


What’s my favorite color?

Don’t have one! I just love all colors.


What’s my favorite food?

Hell yeah! Thai food for sure!


What’s my dream job when I was a kid?

I wanted to be a signer.


What’s my favorite TV Show/ series?

Keeping up with the Kardashian, Bootched,  Gossip girl, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Black-ish.


What’s my favourite book?

The Power by Rhonda Byrne. 


Fun Random Facts about me!

– I was a lecturer teaching college students in Bangkok, Thailand.

– I used to hate cheese cake but now I love it.

– I stole my mother’s car and drove without licence to class.

– I won teaching contest in college.

– I talk a lot when I feel comfortable with the person I’m talking to.

– I am very sensitive.

– I learnt German, French, Chinese, Japanese and English but I can only speak English and Thai. 

– I like jasmine green tea.

– I love to have goals and achieve them.

– I don’t really like flowers.

– I love Japanese Chocolate Truffle so very much.

– I used to be a sale representative for a big Japanese company. 

– I like iced caramel macchiato with whip cream.

– I don’t like playing any kinds of sports.

– I got $300 tips one time when I was a server at a 5-star resort.

– I always got luxury brand jewelries as a tips when I was working as a server.

– When I wear something sexy, people still say I am cute!

– My family always comes first.

– I have always wanted to become a fashion designer.

– I love having babies. 

– I hate when people think a stay at home mom is not a job! and want me to go get a job! Really, what’s wrong with these people! I worked full time before and I know excatly how hard it is to be a full time mom than having a full time job!! Give me a break! Huhh! — Sorry love I got carried away! lol.

And because you know so much about me by now, why not leave me your name and email address down below so I can stay in touch with you, and learn more about you, my love!





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